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Sensors, Transducers and Transmitters


STH wall mounted transmitters/tranducers range of temperature, humidity and air quality fits to any control and measurement installation. It has outputs 0-10V, 4-20mA, RS485 ModBus communication, Modbus TCP (on the way) and radiofrequency.
Additionally we distribute all sensors and transducers (Pressure, flow, force, acceleration, and a wide range) from
Honeywell Sensing & Control line and signature Sensotec Honeywell.

Transmitter,transducers and sensors for temperature, humidity and air quaility. Honeywell Sensing and control sensors. Sick sensors.


Wall mount temperature, humidity and air quality sensor/transmitter.


The transmitters/tranducers STH provides measure of temperature, humidity and air quality in a single wall mount unit, easily dockable with IP41 protection degree analog output option in 4-20 mA current loop, in voltage 0-10V, with communication MODBUS RTU RS485 and RF, 
supporting different types of environmental measurement applications for control.
Specially developed to work in conjunction with the display PTH5/DTH temperature and humidity indicator, can also connect to other industrial control systems.

•Temperature, Humidity and Air Quality  wallmount Transmitter STH Specification .


Honeywell Sensing and Control sensors and microswitches



The range of sensors and microswitches from Honeywell Sensing & Control
fits a broad portfolio for the most diverse applications and measures.


Sensores Sensing and Control de Honeywell

-Airflow Sensors.
-Current Sensors.
-Fiber Optics and Liquid Level Sensors.
-Flexible Heaters.
-Force Sensors.
-Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensors.
-Humidity Sensors.
-Infrared Sensors.
-Magnetic Sensors.
-Oxygen Sensors.
-Position Sensors.
-Pressure Sensors.
-Pressure Transducers.
-Proximity Sensors.
-Rotary Position Sensors.
-Speed Sensors.
-Temperature Sensors.
-Wirewound Resistors.
Micros Machine Safety Sensing and Control Honeywell •Micros:
-MICRO SWITCH™ Basic Switches.
-MICRO SWITCH™ Limit Switches.
-MICRO SWITCH™ Limit Switches.
-MICRO SWITCH™ Pushbuttons and Manual Switches.
-MICRO SWITCH™ Toggle Switches.
-Pressure and Vacuum Switches.
Micros Wirelless Sensing and Control Honeywell •Wireless:
-Limitless™ Switches.
-Limitless™ Wireless Monitors.


Honeywell sensors Sensotec

SENSORS and MICROS Sensotec from Honeywell

Honeywell Sensotec offers a wide range of sensors for implementation of a variety of measurement applications where accuracy, robustness and reliability are the indispensable elements.
Their catalog covers most of the needs in the field of in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, industrial and laboratory. It has load cells, pressure sensors, torque sensors, accelerometers, displacement sensors,
telemetry instrumentation for most applications.


•Load cells .
•Pressure sensors .
•Accelerometers .
•Torque cells .
•LVDT- Linear Variable Displacement Transducers

SICK Sensors




•Photoelectric sensors.
•Inductive proximity sensors.
•Capacitive proximity sensors.
•Magnetic proximity sensors.
•Cilindric magnetic proximity sensors.

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