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Large Digital 
Indicator Displays 


DTH and PTH5 are large digital display indicators for viewing analog
temperature and humidity according to Royal Decree 1826/2009 (RITE RD 1826/2009).
The PPA10 model let you display in a large digital screen                         ( TFT/LCD/LED) any kind of analog signal without difficult configurations.
Large_digital display indicator and TFT/LCD/LED visualizator for temperature, humidity, air quality and all kind of analogue data

Transmitters and Sensors 

The STH temperature ,humidity and air quality wall mounted transmitters and transducers fits almost any measurement and display system. It has outputs 0-10V, 4-20mA, RS485 ModBus 
communication , Modbus TCP (in process) and radiofrequency.
Additionally we distribute all sensors and transducers (pressure, force, temperature and a wide range) line
Honeywell Sensing & Control ,Honeywell Sensotec signature and Industrial SICK signature.  

Transmitter,transducers and sensors for temperature, humidity and air quaility. Honeywell Sensing and control sensors. Sick sensors.

Lighting Control

The LUX420 lighting sensor (luxometer -lux) can be a good ally for the control and savings in lighting installations.
Additionally we distribute all the sensors, transmitters and light controllers from Lumandar line of
Honeywell signature .

Lighting control and measure, light sensor,luxmeter, photometer. Lumandar LESA Honeywell.

Tunnel Lighting


The LUM420 tunnel luminance meter (cd/m2) can control the lighting inside tunnels adjusting light to the outdoor lighting conditions.
Additionally we distribute all the solutions for tunnels Lumandar line of
Honeywell signature .

Tunnel luminancemeter, Photometer, tunnel lighting control. Honeywell Lumandar LUT9.LUM420

DIN Rail Modules

Our DIN rail relays modules provide a simple economic applications that do not require a large complexity.

Modulos de relés económicos.


We distribute the full line of Honeywell Security signature  and SICK  signature  ranging ,from micro and limit switches for all applications up to safety barriers.

Security barriers, security switch and modules from Honeywell y SICK.

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